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PS. the Gender Gap..

Today while I was waiting to pick up some medicine in the pharmacy, I overheard a little boy talking with his Mom. The conversation started with horses and buggies, lead to toy cars, then the little boy mentioned JFK (InternationalAirport). (We live near New York City.)

The boy declared: JFK is the same in French. His mother didn’t accept that. Then he said JFK is the same in Spanish. His mother objected again. The boy said, well I know Mandarin. The mother agreed. At that point, I couldn’t resist asking..

The boy is in kindergarten, and in our school district, all children take Mandarin starting in kindergarten. Then, in grade 3, they can change to Spanish. Later, in middle school, they can switch to French.

This boy is off to a good start: no inhibitions, no “I’m a boy, and boys don’t do languages” He will have all the advantages of a complete education,  so that he is prepared for the global world as well as a very fulfilling life.

I wish that all children had the opportunity to start languages at an early age. Unfortunately, in the U.S., according to the latest figures, only about 15% of elementary schools offer any form of language program.

That’s why I wrote the book, ¡HOLA! Let’s Learn Spanish. That’s why I’m working on Bonjour! Let’s Learn French. These books can be used by anyone, whether or not they know the language.

The audio version is free and downloadable on the website http://www.polyglotkidz.com. They give children roughly 6-10 an early and fun introduction to learning language. This is especially meaningful in districts where children don’t have the advantage of early language learning in elementary schools.

Please share this information with anyone you know with a child in his/her life and who would like to give that child the gift of an early start in language learning.