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Reviewed By Barbara Fanson for Readers’ Favorite

Bonjour! Let’s Learn French is an English language children’s story that introduces French words and terms. It’s a wonderful way for English-speaking children to be exposed to French words. At the back of the book, there are exercises so children can practice their new words. Author and illustrator Judy Martialay has created an excellent story and workbook to practice your new French words. She has even created a skit so students or friends can act out a play in French! You can also sing the song “Ah! Mon beau château !” Bonjour! Let’s Learn French also provides instructions on how to create impressionistic artwork with crayons. At the end of the book, a review summarizes all the French words introduced in the book. The book also shows how to type French … notice there is a space before an exclamation mark in French sentences, like this ! But no space before exclamation marks in English sentences!

Beautiful, colorful illustrations adorn the pages of this children’s picture book aimed at grades 3 to 6. I especially like the four small illustrations on a page—great technique—it’s not done very often! Author Judy Martialay has also drawn all the colorful illustrations for the picture book and all the exercises. Bonjour! Let’s Learn French is a complete book with story, pictures, a song, skit, drawing lesson, and a summary for learning French. A must-have book for home and school. But wait, there’s more: an audio version of the book is also available! This is a complete book for teachers with exercises and multiple medium practice.


Again, the author uses a clever way to introduce a language (this time French) to children and parents as well. The use of English and French in the story, makes it easier for the reader to understand the story, and to learn the vocabulary. I especially love the use of soft colors and beautiful drawings. I wish I had this book when my children were little, now I recommend books like this one to parents wishing to raise their children's awareness of the many languages and cultures in the world, a must today. I also loved the inclusion of cultural notes about France and French culture, as well as the audio resource available on the polyglottkids.com page. As a bilingual librarian, I highly recommend this book. It is wonderful, let's see what other wonderful book she will do next. I can't wait. Both, this book, and her previous one in Spanish as gifts, and I have added them to the children's library collection, I am delighted to write this review because language learning is a must in today's world, and very important to me.


Bonjour!—Judy Martialay

Review by Virginia B. Levine, Ph.D.

SUNY Cortland


Judy Martialay has done it again!  Through the clever framework of an uncomplicated story line, in this case an airplane flight to France, the author/illustrator introduces the readers—children, parents and grandparents alike—to the world of early language learning.

As a former professor of World Languages, I was quite naturally interested in reading Judy’s latest accomplishment for myself.  Judy graciously sent me a complimentary copy, and after reading it, I offered to submit a review of Bonjour!.

This book provides far more than an engaging story line for 6-10 year-olds. It is a virtual toolkit for second language acquisition that can be used effectively by all readers and learners.  The juxtaposition of English and French within a straightforward storyline provides an unfettered ease of context as the reader learns to equate vocabulary in both languages.  The audio portion of Bonjour!, (available at: http://polyglotkidz.com), ensures accuracy of pronunciation, and the practice activities reinforce the vocabulary presented.  Cultural nuggets about Francophone countries, French foods, flag, kings, queens and everyday life serve to open the eyes and minds of young learners to another culture.  Judy has even thought to include a brief script to enable student readers to interact using newly acquired French vocabulary.  Colorful illustrations, drawn by Judy, are beautifully executed and represent the Impressionist art exercise perfectly.

Bonjour! is sure to appeal to the curiosity of those young and old.  Deceptively simple in tone and presentation, the book draws in its readers, enticing them to learn more about the French language and culture.

Bravo to Judy Martialay for another job well done.  Along with Pete the Pilot, she has successfully taken her readers on a wonderful early language journey.  Bon Voyage to future readers!



Bookroom Reviews

Dick Leonardo for Bookroom reviews 11/13/17 Here is something different. Have you ever thought about your child learning a foreign language? If so I have a nice book here for you. Judy Martialay makes learning a new language fun with an easy to read story. Travel to France with Pete the Pilot while learning an assortment of french words. What’s cool is it’s not just new words but little tidbits about the country of France and how they live and a little history. The book is also very nicely filled with colorful Illustrations by the author herself to bring the book to life. I like the little skit written into the book to let the kids practice what they learned. Then there is http://www.polyglotkidz.com/ to visit for the audio. This is great resource not only for the French book but Judy’s other book ¡HOLA! Let’s Learn Spanish


Adventuresthruwonderland blog

Another fun, educational tool for learning a new language! Judy Martialay makes learning fun with this interactive book. Using food, colors, art, and a story to make learning new words fun and easy for all ages. This book is intended for children ages 6-10 but even adults will find it fun and interesting!



Bonjour! Let's Learn French, by Judy Martilay, is a children's book that introduced the French language. It includes a story about going to the beach, a list of various illustrated French words, expressions, French Culture, and art. 

I found the book to be engaging, colorful and fun. The words speak to the children of elementary age, and help to take away the strangeness of a different language. The art is engaging, drawing interest of new learners, and will help them to associate the pictures with the words. However it is more than just a story about going to the beach. Think of it as a workbook that a young reader can take in bits and pieces. Most likely it will take a bit of practice to learn the words and pronounce them. 

Inside the book you will find a link to where you can download the full story on your computer and listen while you read the book. The music in the background makes it sound colorful. A reader (the author) talks through the story in English, while a different reader pronounces the French words. The only thing I found lacking in the book was a proper pronunciation you would typically find in parentheses after each word. This would allow the reader to work on the vocabulary without always needing a device to listen to a device. But overall, Bonjour! Let's Learn French is a charming and fun way for children to be introduced to the French language. Recommended for children ages 6-12.