¡HOLA! Let’s Learn Spanish


Gives children roughly 3-10 a fun and easy introduction to Spanish. Download free audio on Audio Page of Website.

Children take a ride to Mexico on Pete the Pilot’s magic plane.

There, they meet Panchito, Mexico’s favorite Jumping Bean, follow his adventures, learn Spanish and soak in the culture.

Book contains:

  • Plane ride and story
  • Fun activities to practice and expand Spanish with family and friends
  • Skit: perform this skit for family and friends; lots of action. . .and acting
  • Culture Corner: learn about bargaining at a Mexican market and much more!
  • Song
  • Craft: directions for making a Mexican mask with beans, and use your Spanish!
  • Fun for the family!
  • Please see Parents’ page Spanish for tips on how to use the book, more resources and links to articles on learning languages.







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